Digital Citizenship Spotlight Competition

Digital Citizenship Spotlight Competition

The 2022 Spotlight Competition

Your challenge individually or in teams is to create a digital product or resource that addresses one of the following areas of your digital life

  • Social Media

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Staying Safe Online

  • Being Respectful Online

  • Digital footprints

Your digital product could be a

  • Short animation or video (30-90 seconds)

  • Digital poster or infographic

Create your product using any digital platform/s that you are comfortable with, for example

  • Clips

  • Keynote

  • iMovie

  • Pages

  • Adobe Products

  • Canva

Competition open to all students until Friday September 23 - Week 10 Term 3

Examples what your entry could look like...

Short social media style video

Respectful Relationships Content Mock Up.mp4

Prizes will be awarded for entries that successfully meet the criteria and portray a clear digital citizenship message. Standout entries will also become part of a Diocesan Digital Citizenship Awareness Campaign and feature at Spotlight 2022.


  • Digital Infographic, poster, animation or short video

  • Catchy

  • Engaging

  • Clear message

  • Informative

  • Own content — not copied images or copyrighted material