Digital Citizenship Spotlight Competition


Congratulations to all the student's entries. Over 70 submissions from over 1/3 of our schools. Check out the winning entries -------->

Spotlight22 Student Award Winners

Digital Citizenship Spotlight Competition

The 2022 Spotlight Competition

Your challenge individually or in teams is to create a digital product or resource that addresses one of the following areas of your digital life

  • Social Media

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Staying Safe Online

  • Being Respectful Online

  • Digital footprints

Your digital product could be a

  • Short animation or video (30-90 seconds)

  • Digital poster or infographic

Create your product using any digital platform/s that you are comfortable with, for example

  • Clips

  • Keynote

  • iMovie

  • Pages

  • Adobe Products

  • Canva

Examples what your entry could look like...

Short social media style video

Respectful Relationships Content Mock Up.mp4

Prizes will be awarded for entries that successfully meet the criteria and portray a clear digital citizenship message. Standout entries will also become part of a Diocesan Digital Citizenship Awareness Campaign and feature at Spotlight 2022.


  • Digital Infographic, poster, animation or short video

  • Catchy

  • Engaging

  • Clear message

  • Informative

  • Own content — not copied images or copyrighted material